John W. Kosolcharoen and the Dining World

John W. Kosolcharoen Dining World

Owning and running a restaurant is a pretty big job. It’s particularly tough to be a restaurateur in one of the largest cities on the planet, New York, New York. Competition in New York City’s restaurant world can be extremely fierce. There are so many brand new dining establishments popping up in the Big Apple all of the time. These eateries often close quickly as well. It doesn’t matter if you’re a fan of contemporary American cuisine or if you like Asian fusion or Ethiopian. New York City is a hub for all different types of foods. is a prominent businessman who lives and works in the city. He’s also a hard-working restaurateur who has a strong passion for the dining universe. The entrepreneur is active in many different business sectors. These go beyond dining as well. He also works in apparel, real estate, jewelry, and diamonds.

The Box Tree

Kosolcharoen is involved with The Box Tree, a dining establishment that’s on East 49th Street in the city. Kosolcharoen decided to help the eatery after seeing it in the middle of financial woes and other issues. He did a lot for The Box Tree as well. It’s currently among the most appreciated eateries in the entire metropolis. Examples of standout items that are available on the menu at The Box Tree are Peking duck, Thai basil tuna and Cote du Boeuf.

Kosolcharoen is also part of Daily Provisions. This East 19th Street favorite is right by the Union Square Cafe. It’s an attractive establishment that boasts a fresh and contemporary interior design scheme, complete with marble counters. Carmen Quagliata is the talented chef at Daily Provisions. Items of interest on the menu at Daily Provisions include sandwiches, chicken, pastries and bread. Diners who are in the mood for multigrain walnut bread, sausage egg sandwiches, English muffins and glazed crullers can get a lot out of Daily Provisions’ menu. People who wish to enjoy casual, laid-back and relatively quick meals in New York City often head to the dining staple.

New York City

John W. Kosolcharoen is without a doubt a hard-working restaurateur who has determination and ambition on his side. He’s constantly looking for hot new opportunities within the restaurant realm in New York City. He loves dining out and food in general. That’s why he constantly pays careful attention to any and all new developments in the restaurant scene. New York City is a hot spot for dining aficionados. People from all around the planet flock to the city to savor foods from all nations. You can relish some of the finest desserts in the world in New York. You can relish some of the greatest savory dishes as well. There’s simply no limit to the diverse dining opportunities that are available to the people in New York.

Kosolcharoen is a diligent businessman who has a strong reputation. He aims to take dining out in New York to a higher level. That’s why he’s always on the lookout for brand new openings in the dining industry.

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