NY Entrepreneur and Restaurateur

New York Entrepreneur John W. Kosolcharoen

Opening a new restaurant anywhere, but especially in New York City can be challenging. Competition and customer’s tastes and preferences seem to be changing all the time. Finding a profitable and popular lasting niche is the key and it takes a lot of time and research. John W. Kosolcharoen is the President and CEO of one of the US largest manufacturers restaurants. John W. Kosolcharoen is also appreciated as a Restaurateur having entered into business with notable NY Chefs such as Geoffrey Zakarian and Gary Kunz.

It is now one of the top restaurants in the city rechristened and serving hearty portions of Cote de Boeuf, Thai Basil Tuna or Peking Duck among their most popular dishes. Anytime you can revive a classic, fancy restaurant to maintain the character and reputation and improve food and service, that is a winning combination.

New York Restaurateur John W. Kosolcharoen

Becoming the night spot with excellent food and drinks, music, and dancing. Current owners Cynthia and Ron Peiris brought their 11 years of catering and hospitality experience with promoters Bobby Goodrich and Michelle Licata to collaborate on the remodel. Opening in November 2015 it is the only Ultra Lounge on Long Island. Willing to accept corporate parties and events as well as family celebrations, birthdays or anniversaries. Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights are for R&B, Classics and Top 40 respectively. Time to get dressed up again and have a place to go.

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Another of John W. Kosolcharoen restaurant projects is located at 103 East 19th Street, next door to the Union Square Cafe. One of David Rockwell’s’ smallest designs it is very well done with Marble counters, tables and a few seats where one can purchase food by Chef Carmen Quagliata. Fresh bread and pastries, bronzing chickens and sandwiches and beverages can be for dine-in or take out. However, it is only open until 6:00 PM.

John W. Kosolcharoen is also keenly interested in real estate, working to improve the values of those properties he already owns. Another interest is high-end clothing design. His wife Shaindy is a clothing designer and used her talents dressing their five children.  Now has her own company, Jeau Arbe.

Keep watching for new ventures and hopefully more excellent restaurants to try.

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