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How Entrepreneurs Can Use the Internet to Give Their Business a Global Reach

In today’s digital world, small business owners have more opportunities than ever before to expand their enterprise and reach a wider audience. John W. Kosolcharoen is an experienced businessman, investor, and entrepreneur who has provided valuable advice over the years to startup creators who wish to see their business grow. Here is some of the advice he has shared with many entrepreneurs on the topic of using the Internet to sell their products globally:

Build a Solid Online Presence

One tip John Kosolcharoen often repeats to small business owners is that you need to grow your digital presence if you want potential customers to find you. This is why you should not only have the main business website, but also a presence on the popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and others.

Make It Easier for People Everywhere to Do Business With You

There are many affordable online services you can use to make it easier for individuals and business owners in different parts of the world to do business with you. John Kosolcharoen recommends that you provide pricing information in multiple currencies on your website, as well as use payment processors which allow you to take a variety of payment methods, such as local bank transfers, prepaid vouchers, and electronic currencies.

Take Advantage of Free or Low-Cost Online Advertising Opportunities

The Internet provides you with the unique opportunity advertise your products and services globally no matter where you’re located, even if you have a tiny marketing budget. Online discussion forums related to your industry, social media groups, digital business directories, and online classified ad sites have been used by many entrepreneurs that John W. Kosolcharoen has worked with. These online services all give you the chance to promote your business to Internet users around the world for free or at a nominal cost.

Turning a Passion into a Reality – John W. Kosolcharoen

In 1979, John W. Kosolcharoen returned from a trip to the orient and his enthusiasm for oriental cuisine, specifically Thai, has grown into a lifelong passion. This passion, started in his early childhood, has led to a number of Thai cuisine restaurants spread across 10 states. John has invested his life in the Thai ideology carrying that into his daily business.

John’s interest in Thai culture and the language began when he was a young boy. While his parents encouraged him to follow the conventional path of an adolescent boy, John Kosolcharoen could not deny his fervent interest in Thailand. While attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison, John took advantage of the opportunity to participate in the student exchange program.

After his studies were completed, he was so fascinated with the culture, he remained in Thailand for a few years, study culture and perfecting the Thai language. He met his lovely wife while living in Thailand, and in 1985, John Kosolcharoen and his wife returned to the United States to start a family and a new business venture.

It was in Texas, where his love of the Thai culture motivated him to start a small business that focused on serving Thai food. His endeavor proved so successful, he ventured out to establish additional locations in his home state. John’s Thai restaurants can now be found from New York to California.
John W. Kosolcharoen is now one of the most respected entrepreneurial restaurateurs in the country. He is frequently asked to speak about his success as a business owner, his experiences in Thailand, or about his understanding of the Jewish faith. John Kosolcharoen has spent his life following his passion for the Thai culture and Thai cuisine. Every day he offers his wealth of knowledge and experience to each customer that visits John’s Thai.

John W. Kosolcharoen’s secrets to a successful business

When it comes to running a successful business John W. Kosolcharoen knows what it takes to not only be successful yourself, but also to have your business stand out from the crowd.

That is because John W. Kosolcharoen started his first Thai food restaurant soon after he arrived back in America after living in Thailand for many years, and built his business up to where it is today.

One of the most well-known Thai food chains in the country, and with restaurants in more than 10 states.

So what does John Kosolcharoen believe is the difference between running a business that customers love, remember and come back to again and again, and one they quickly forget?

He believes it is by being passionate about what you are offering, whether that is Thai food, pottery, or selling insurance, and then by showing your customer exactly why they should buy your product or service over someone else’s.

Kosolcharoen also thinks taking notice of your customer’s reaction every time they try a new food or buy a new product is key to always being one step ahead of the competition.

After all, even if you think what you are offering is perfect for them, if the majority of your customers do not seem to agree, or are not as passionate as you are, you are ultimately doomed to failure.

John Kosolcharoen also pays attention to what his competitors are doing and, if he believes he can offer the same but in a much better version, he immediately makes sure he does.

His biggest secret weapon though?

First and foremost, always serve the community you live in and make it a better place to live.

In his case it is doing cooking demonstrations of Thai food at local schools and community organizations, where he also talks about Thai culture and what makes it so special.

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