How Entrepreneurs Can Use the Internet to Give Their Business a Global Reach

In today’s digital world, small business owners have more opportunities than ever before to expand their enterprise and reach a wider audience. John W. Kosolcharoen is an experienced businessman, investor, and entrepreneur who has provided valuable advice over the years to startup creators who wish to see their business grow. Here is some of the advice he has shared with many entrepreneurs on the topic of using the Internet to sell their products globally:

Build a Solid Online Presence

One tip John Kosolcharoen often repeats to small business owners is that you need to grow your digital presence if you want potential customers to find you. This is why you should not only have the main business website, but also a presence on the popular social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, LinkedIn and others.

Make It Easier for People Everywhere to Do Business With You

There are many affordable online services you can use to make it easier for individuals and business owners in different parts of the world to do business with you. John Kosolcharoen recommends that you provide pricing information in multiple currencies on your website, as well as use payment processors which allow you to take a variety of payment methods, such as local bank transfers, prepaid vouchers, and electronic currencies.

Take Advantage of Free or Low-Cost Online Advertising Opportunities

The Internet provides you with the unique opportunity advertise your products and services globally no matter where you’re located, even if you have a tiny marketing budget. Online discussion forums related to your industry, social media groups, digital business directories, and online classified ad sites have been used by many entrepreneurs that John W. Kosolcharoen has worked with. These online services all give you the chance to promote your business to Internet users around the world for free or at a nominal cost.

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